Advanced Photoshop mask

Image masking service is used to remove/ knockout image background of most multi-object image having hair or fur and in semi transparent objects like hair, fuzz, flames, fire, fur, glass, etc to be used for publishing in magazine, websites etc. We provide complex masking services like as Hair Masking, Transparent Masking, Alpha Channel Masking, Extract Masking, Erase Masking, Fur masking, Knock out Masking and color correction masking for publishing catalogs, magazines & brochure images.

We are incredibly good at maintaining transparency in hard-to-mask objects like smoke, glass, and hair. Our masking experts instantly find out key edges in the image and use Photoshop masking technique to make the image edges absolutely accurate and to ensure halo-free background.

Generating a mask around objects that have unclear or furry ends can often create results which are less than great. Our aim at Photo Editing Point is to make sure that every picture you send us is over and done with the most exact standards. Such as, we provide an image masking service for images that are not appropriate for a standard clipping path – bringing great results to clients who expect nothing less.

If you have images that have object like hair or the edge of the image is blurry/not sharp, and you need to remove background from those photos then photoshop masking is must in order to background remove while keeping the object details intact. Because pen tool is applicable to images with sharp edge only. No matter whether the background is gradient, dark or multicolour we are still able to get good result out of it. Our highly qualified graphic designers use the most up-to-date Photoshop masking systems to remove backgrounds from images such as hair or fur or the shrubbery on trees, resulting in pointed and smooth ends that look constantly professional. Even if the image you wish to use is set against the most detailed setting of dark or high pitch colors, we can take apart it from the forefront image whilst maintaining high quality and a fantastic level of detail.

There can be many types of Masking and different Masking has different level of complexity. Depending on the base of difficulty the pricing is listed. Simply you can upload your Masking to us and we can assure you to deliver the exact thing you wanted by the help of our best designers. Our designers are experienced and have lots of knowledge over this kind of editing.

Following is a list of several types of image masking.

  1. Image Masking with PSD/Tif format.
  2. Hair Masking with Transparent background.
  3. Alpha Masking.
  4. Knockout, Erase, Channel Masking for Hair and Fur.
  5. Flower masking
  6. Transparent Masking
  7. Layer Masking